About Us

Clare’s Enrichment Corner (CEC) aims to be a centre for learning, caring and sharing in the heartland of Yishun that imparts knowledge, skills and the right attitudes; to learn, unlearn and relearn.

It has been reaching out to the community with services such as subsidised tuition for children in need, enrichment programmes for adults and children and organising mission trips to Sabah in collaboration with the clergy, the Franciscan Sisters and the lay Catholic community there to serve the indigenous communities through Clare’s Missionary which is founded by Ms. MaryClaire Fan, ofs in 2010. Clare’s Missionary is an affiliate of Caritas Humanitarian Aid Relief Initiatives, Singapore (CHARIS), the umbrella body of all Catholic organisations involved in overseas humanitarian aid.

At CEC, a thrift corner has also been set up to sell new and pre-owned items to those who need them to promote recycling. The proceeds from the sales of these items go into funding Clare’s Missionary.


Tutoring & After School Services

Organic Farming & Lifestyle
Social skills

Clare’s Missionary:
Local mission in Yishun
Oversea mission in Sabah

Thrift Corner:
New items
Pre-Owned items