Thrift Corner

An eco-friendly initiative of Clare’s Missionary to promote “reduce, reuse and recycle” to mitigate the throwaway culture of our society heeding Pope Francis’ message of “Laudato Si” to care for our common home, the Earth.

Support us by participating in the joy and transformative impact of giving and receiving! For it is in giving that we receive!

Sale proceeds go to fund Clare’s Missionary works. If you’d like to purchase or donate an item, Call/WhatsApp Tel: 8522 1354

All New Items

  • Soil Probiotics
    Price: $4.80/$14.80 Type: New Soil Probiotics from Gardens With Purpose. […]
  • Organic Fertilizer
    Price: $1.80/$4.80/$18.80 Type: New Organic Fertilizer from Gardens With Purpose. […]

All Pre-Loved Items

$24 for 6 books
$12 for 3 books